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Couple going over plansA new home may be the biggest purchase decision you'll make in your lifetime. As a buyer, you have a choice and a say in the style, size and price range of your "dream" home. You can also have a choice and a say in its design and construction methods if you know what to ask for.

This non-commercial web site is a good starting point in understanding your choices. It will introduce you to high-performing homes that offer great comfort and healthy indoor air, are built to last, have low energy costs and cost no more to own than a conventional home.

Learn as little or as much as you wish from an overview to the details...

Colorado New Home Choices was a project of City of Fort Collins and E-Star Colorado based on detailed studies of design, construction and performance issues of new homes in Fort Collins and elsewhere in Colorado. These materials were prepared in 2002 to 2004 to increase the awareness of home buyers and other new home stakeholders around common problems and opportunities to build and buy homes that work better.

These materials are still relevant and useful for consumers wishing to understand more about the homes they're considering purchasing or are living in now. If you are shopping for a new home today, there are other options that cover these bases. National programs -- ENERGY STAR Certified Homes and DOE Challenge Home -- have made it easier for you by including requirements that address the problems and capture the opportunities. Rather than asking so many questions, you only need to look for the label. If the home doesn't have a label, ask the builder about it.

Last Updated: 03/14/2014

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